Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

    When it comes to hair loss, finding a solution isn’t easy — or cheap. Products for thinning hair and balding can be quite expensive, not to mention, sometimes they don’t even work! Luckily, there are a few solutions for hair loss that you can try without having to break the bank. With this in mind, we bring you the scalp massage. It’s an all-natural — and yes, free — solution for hair loss that will also help to banish headaches, ease tension, and soothe you to sleep.

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    But why is a head massage so effective for hair growth? It stimulates circulation to the scalp, and may even stretch the tissue on the scalp to promote thicker strands. With stimulation, fresh blood rushes to the scalps surface, helping to activate cell turnover which encourages new strands to grow. 

    What’s more, a scalp massage is a great way to unwind after a long day. Since gravity is pushing down on us all day, trying to keep the head upright can cause strain and tension to develop in the neck up through the skull. By stimulating the pressure points on the head with a regular massage regimen, you can help break up stagnant tension that could be causing headaches and neck pain. 

    And if you’ve ever laid awake tossing and turning with stubborn neck pain, this is just the solution for you. Massage in general is a great way to soothe the body off to sleep. The stress that we carry from our days often gets stored, as mentioned above, in the neck, shoulders, and head. By massaging the scalp and sending fresh blood there, your body is able to release the stiffness of the day. Regular scalp massages will help your body to unwind and give your mind a chance to relax, setting you up for a peaceful slumber.

    How To Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

    Performing your own scalp massage is quite easy, and you only need your fingers! To do it, spread the fingertips of both hands wide and place them on your head, with your thumbs just behind your ears. Apply pressure and move your fingertips along your scalp in and out, as though you’re making a check-mark with your index finger and thumb. Massage each spot slowly, applying as much pressure as feels good, and continue to move your hands around to all areas of the head, including the temples, crown of the head, and base of the neck.

    For an added bonus, you can purchase a head massaging tool that stimulates blood circulation, like this one from Body Back (Buy from Amazon, $5.45). Be forewarned: These things may tickle quite a bit! 

    And if your scalp isn’t naturally oily, you can also add essential oils into your scalp massage routine for even more hair-growth stimulation. A great one to try is rosemary essential oil, which also promotes a sense of calm in the body.

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