Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

    Sleeping is an ever-constant worry in my life. Will I get enough rest? Will I be able to fall asleep quickly? Will the blare of my alarm clock shock me out of deep sleep, once I manage it? It’s exhausting to be a bad sleeper, and I’ve tried all sorts of sleep aids to help fix the problem to no avail. Then I tried a new plant-based sleep aid that helped me get the best sleep I’ve had in years.

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    I’m a very light sleeper who has trouble both falling asleep and waking up, making most common sleep aids not helpful for me. Sure, melatonin might help me fall asleep, but the dose I’d need to take also makes me super groggy in the morning. And while CBD makes me less groggy, it also doesn’t help me fall asleep quickly the way melatonin does. I’ve even turned to more natural sleep solutions like valerian root, a study-approved and age-old trick that has worked for centuries.

    But while all of those might not necessarily work on their own for me, I found the solution in RealSleep and its genius custom formulas. RealSleep creates formula of sleep-inducing ingredients — just for you — after you take a quick 13-question quiz on their website. For me, RealSleep put together a sleep aid that combined 15 milligrams of CBD and 2 milligrams of melatonin. It also suggested valerian root and l-theanine, an amino acid with all kinds of mental boosts. The cost varies depending on the ingredients, but my custom formula was about $80. However, I thought it was worth it for the high-quality blend.

    Within a week, I already felt the difference. I was staying asleep for longer stretches of time, and better yet, didn’t wake up groggy at all! If you’ve tried CBD and melatonin separately and still haven’t gotten the rest you need, it might be worth considering combining both with solutions like RealSleep. Knowing all its ingredients are plant-based also helps ease any worries of harmful chemicals hanging around your body.

    Just be sure to speak with your doctor before changing up your sleep regimen. With your doctor’s guidance, you will be able to create a plan and find the best supplements (or lack thereof) for you.

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