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    I love essential oils because they not only smell great, they can act as a quick natural remedy for health hassles like joint pain and cold sores. I tend to collect them, and I admittedly have plenty of essential oils right now to suffice for a few months. But that doesn’t mean I won’t buy more! I’ll be adding eucalyptus oil to my repertoire soon due to these amazing benefits for the body.

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    What can eucalyptus oil be used for?

    This essential oil comes from the eucalyptus tree, which is native to Australia. Using a steam distilling process, the oil is extracted from the eucalyptus leaves and bottled ready to use. The colorless oil has a woody-yet-sweet scent that makes it a pleasant addition to your daily routine. And it’s helpful for so many pesky ailments, like cold sores and body aches.

    We can all agree that cold sores can be painful and annoying to deal with. Luckily, eucalyptus oil is the perfect natural remedy to nix them fast. A study published in Journal of Acute Medicine noted that this oil has antiviral properties to reduce cold sores by preventing herpes simplex virus-1 from forming on the lip and mouth area. It’s best dab a small amount diluted of eucalyptus oil directly onto the cold sore no more than four times a day to speed up the healing process.

    Eucalyptus oil is also great to use when seeking relief from body aches throughout the day. Research published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that this oil contains two key compounds called α-pinene and 1,8-cineole. These compounds help eliminate free radicals in the body and tamper inflammation. The study authors added that simply inhaling eucalyptus oil for 30 minutes a day helped alleviate pain in patients with total knee replacement after three days.

    Around this time of the year, respiratory issues like coughing or sore throat can flare up more often. The great news is eucalyptus oil can offer natural relief for clearing your airways. Previous studies have shown that the antibacterial perks of an essential oil like eucalyptus works to eliminate respiratory tract infections that can also cause sneezing and a runny nose. Researchers suggest using 12 drops of oil per 150 ml of boiling water as a steam inhalation method that helps clear and strengthen your lungs against pesky cold symptoms.

    You can also apply it directly onto your skin without causing any irritation by mixing it with other essential oils!

    What oil mixes well with eucalyptus?

    Eucalyptus oil works best when diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba, as it’s very potent. A little goes a long way! A good ratio to try is one drop of eucalyptus per one teaspoon of carrier oil before rubbing onto skin. Luckily, ready-to-use mixtures are available in stores and online. Gya Labs Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Buy from Amazon, $7.59) is a brand worth trying because it doesn’t contain any added ingredients or harsh chemicals.

    Gya Labs Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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    Now I’ll be brainstorming ways I can use eucalyptus oil whenever possible!

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