Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

    Let’s face it, hair loss is often seen as untreatable. We tend to think it comes down to aging or genetics and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. Thanks a to a new study, we might have a new way to help with hair loss.

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    P&G has revealed a new study, peer-reviewed and published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, that says the key to preventing hair loss is to combat environmental stressors such as UV exposure and pollution. These cause poor scalp health, making it harder for our hair to stay anchored to our scalp.

    The study finds that antioxidants can help reduce oxidative stress on our scalp, helping our hair stay more firmly rooted in place. This type of stress basically reflects an imbalance between oxygen produced and retained in our cells.

    While the link between the two has been suspected before, P&G says their new study definitively proves oxidative stress leads to hair loss by weakening the bond between our hair and our scalp.

    “Over the years, research has presented evidence suggesting poor scalp health has an impact on hair quality, growth, and retention,” says dermatologist Dr. Antonella Tosti. “There remained some unanswered questions. If scalp health improved, would hair quality, growth or retention also improve? And would those who did not have scalp problems also see improvement in their hair with regular scalp care?”

    “This new clinical research brings answers to those questions by establishing the cause-and-effect relationship between scalp condition and hair retention, even for those without obvious scalp problems,” says Dr. Tosti.

    How to combat hair loss from environmental stress.

    Luckily, P&G developed a formula to combat this phenomenon by leaning on antioxidants proven to create a protective barrier on our scalp and reduce stress. They developed the clinically-proven Hair Anchor Blend featured in the KeepItAnchored products that reduces these stressors on our scalps. They have lines for both men and women, including an essential kit for women (Buy on KeepItAnchored, $59). The kit features their HairAnchoring leave-in treatment and a nourishing shampoo, both featuring the effective antioxidant formula.

    While the price might seem a bit steep, it may be worth paying to keep your hair full and your scalp healthy. The study revealed that those using the antioxidant formulas had 2,400 more hair fibers than those using the placebo. However, the best results were seen on people who had more hair to begin with. This makes sense as the formula targets helping the hair already on our scalp as opposed to growing more.

    So if you find yourself experiencing hair loss but can’t pinpoint why, try leaning into this antioxidant formula to help. Hair loss might be preventable after all!

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