Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

    You may already know that yoga is great for improving physical and mental health… But the idea of folding yourself into poses on the ground isn’t always super appealing. Luckily, trying out chair yoga can give you the same benefits from the comfort of a cozy seat.

    First, let us remind you of some of the perks you can get from a few simple stretches. Aside from feeling more flexible and less stressed, yoga has been shown to help with things like balancing blood sugar, healing thyroid health, and easing chronic pain.

    Modifying the traditional moves so that you can do them in a chair makes them ideal for adding a little extra activity to your workday routine. It’s also nice for older adults (or just anyone who’s a bit clumsy) who need to work on their balance without fear of making things worse by falling all over the place.

    A recent study found that chair yoga is particularly beneficial for seniors dealing with dementia, too. Researchers even claimed it provided a greater improvement in overall quality of life than music therapy, which is also commonly used for individuals with declining cognitive function. In comparison, those who did chair yoga showed better balance and mobility, plus lower levels of depression and agitation.

    Chair yoga is also helpful for anyone with physical disabilities or constraints that prevent them from doing certain poses. Or it can be a perfect place to start for folks who’ve never tried the activity and are nervous about taking a class. By easing into the practice this way, you can still get all the benefits of stretching and gradually work up at your own pace.

    You can look for chair classes at your local studios, or follow along with the video below to get started:

    It’s all about finding whatever gets us moving our bodies more and feeling out best!

    By Nick

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