Sat. Oct 8th, 2022

    For years, Dr. Oz has been on a mission to make weight loss ultra-doable and even automatic. With good reason: “If we make it easy to do the right thing, we do the right thing!” he recently shared with fans. So as a record number of us report struggling with extra pounds, the doc has amped up his efforts, sharing time-tested hacks to shrink our waists and help us become our healthiest, most energized selves. Women who’ve sampled his buzzed-about shortcuts are already a whole lot leaner — and they can’t stop raving!

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    So how does Dr. Oz come up with the strategies he shares on his show, on, and in his bestselling books? For starters, he has medical advisors on his staff and countless other top doctors and nutritionists on speed dial. He also continuously updates information he shares based on new research. And while he’s revealed countless amazing tricks over the years, experts and slimmed-down fans helped point us to the absolute standouts…

    1. Timing Secret

    Eating your first meal at 10am and finishing dinner by 6pm is Dr. Oz’s no-fuss take on the wildly popular intermittent fasting trend, which he dubbed “the best way to lose weight, prevent disease and live longer.” Research from places like Johns Hopkins and Yale confirms that going longer periods without eating basically flips little switches in our cells to help them burn more fat, optimize key hormones and get stronger and healthier.

    In ancient times, this effect helped humans survive famine; today, it improves cravings, metabolism, cholesterol, diabetes and more—even if we don’t make big changes to the types of meals we eat. Folks using the simple technique tell us their health has transformed as they’ve shed up to 2 pounds a day!

    2. Fat That Burns Fat

    A few weekly servings of omega-3–rich walnuts or salmon is proven to help folks lose “significantly more fat from their middle” than the same calories from other sources, per Dr. Oz. Turns out, omega-3s ignite fat burn, increasing weight loss by up to 300 percent! Bonus: University of Minnesota research shows that intermittent fasters who eat plenty of good fat get bonus benefits, activating genes strongly linked to robust health and effortless weight control.

    3. Mix-In That Nixes Hunger

    Once a day before a meal, consider adding a little acacia fiber powder to water, coffee, tea, or a smoothie. “It’s an easy-to-drink fiber that will help you eat less,” Dr. Oz shared on his new Oztube platform. “It goes down into your gut and convinces it that you’re full. So the gut releases hormones that make you effortlessly eat less for hours.” Acacia fiber also ‘feeds’ bacteria in the GI tract that aid in weight loss. No wonder a study found a daily dose of the stuff can boost fat loss 4.5 times! The fiber, sold at superstores, is flavorless and even blends well in things like yogurt, dressing, and hummus.

    4. Best Skinny Sauce

    Feeling adventurous? Squirt some sriracha on eggs, meat, beans — whatever you like. The Thai hot sauce boasts “20 different fat-burning chemicals,” Dr. Oz noted. “It tastes great, and it’ll speed up your metabolism for about half an hour!”

    5. Fast-Metabolism Sip

    For just pennies a cup, green tea is another “simple, easy way to speed up your metabolism without having to suffer,” per Dr. Oz. Turns out, the brew’s antioxidants rev calorie burning by up to 35 percent. In one study comparing green tea to diet cola, the tea group ended up with six times less flab. And a Brazilian study found that folks over age 60 who sipped three cups of a green tea–based drink daily got leaner and healthier without diet or exercise.

    How does Dr. Oz put these tips all together?

    How can you include these tricks in your everyday life? Dr. Oz recommends these types of meals, but consult your doctor before starting a new health regimen.

    BRUNCH: Top whole-grain or keto waffles with Greek yogurt and all-fruit jam; enjoy with a smoothie made with frozen fruit, water, and kale.

    SNACKS: Drain one can white beans; blitz with two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of acacia fiber, lemon, and seasoning to taste; enjoy with veggies.

    DINNER: Marinate chicken in sriracha, honey, soy sauce, and garlic to taste; grill and enjoy with a bean-topped mixed salad.

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