Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

    When it comes to bladder leaks, you probably thought that you wouldn’t need to worry about them until you’re at least in your 60s or 70s. After all, you should just be dealing with your period nowadays, right? Well, if you’ve found yourself handling bladder leaks earlier than you expected, you’re not the only one. 

    It turns out that one in three women experience pelvic floor disorders like incontinence, a fancy term for the loss of bladder control, and many who deal with it are under the age of 65. Incontinence is caused by any number of factors: Childbirth, menopause, genetics, other urinary tract conditions, you name it. Alcohol, caffeine, sugary drinks, smoking, and certain heart and blood pressure medications can also trigger bladder leaks. It looks different for every woman. For some, incontinence is a small tinkle after coughing or sneezing; for others, leaks may be so heavy and sudden that they can’t even get to a toilet in time.

    And because incontinence affects so many people, that also means that lots of women are juggling their periods and bladder leaks at the same time — and most products on the market just don’t cut it for both.

    Think about it: How often have you had a pad that was too heavy to wear in case of a random bladder leak but not absorbent enough for your menstrual flow? It’s a tricky balancing act, and often you end up feeling awkward and icky in the process. Not to mention, wearing something like a regular panty liner every day may increase your likelihood of yeast infections, skin irritations, or other issues. So what’s a woman to do?

    That’s where One by Poise® 2-in-1 Pads, which are now available at Walmart, come in. It’s the first and only product on the market that handles both menstrual and bladder leaks by combining the 2-in-1 Absorbent Core and Dual Leakblock System™ to keep you feeling clean and comfortable. This special technology means that they will also lock in any odors and keep you fresh all day. So no matter the time of the month or the issue, these pads will have you covered. Plus, they’ll save you cash and space in your cupboard by pulling double-duty!

    One by Poise® 2-in-1 Pads

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    Why we like it:

    • First and only product that protects against menstrual and bladder leaks
    • 2-in-1 Absorbent Core and Dual Leakblock System™
    • Locks in odors so you feel fresh all day
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    Not only are your period and bladder leaks locked away, but you won’t feel like you need to constantly run to the bathroom to check your pad or replace and readjust it in the process. (Who has time for that, right?) One by Poise® 2-in-1 Pads are available through Walmart’s online pickup and delivery services, so make sure you grab ‘em up on your next trip. (And a bonus for all of you Walmart+ members: You get free delivery!)

    So, what’s on the agenda now? A yoga class with friends? A jog around the park? Just an ordinary day running some errands? Whatever you’re doing, you’ll never have to worry about what’s going on down there ever again.

    This article was sponsored by Poise®.

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