Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

    Hear an ongoing ringing in your ears? A British study found tinnitus complaints are up 40 percent over the past stressful year. Luckily, these three easy tips calm the buzzing fast!

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    Instant Relief

    Next time the bothersome ringing sound ramps up, switch on a fan, and you’ll notice that your tinnitus disappears instantly. New Zealand scientists say the gentle whirring of the fan offsets the “phantom” sounds, signaling to your brain that neither is something to focus on. No fan nearby? Tune into a free pink- or white-noise channel on YouTube (Try: Organic Pink at the MyNoise channel). Research in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience found that this type of “broadband” sound is signif icantly more effective than other “masking” sounds at tamping down ringing in the ears.

    Nighttime Relief

    Tired of being among the 54 percent of folks whose tinnitus leaves them tossing and turning at night? Try melatonin. Ohio State University scientists say “nature’s sleeping pill” has a hidden talent for quashing nighttime ringing. Indeed, their research found that folks with chronic tinnitus who did nothing other than take three mg. of melatonin at bedtime reduced ringing by 40 percent. Also smart: Dim the lights two hours before bed. Johns Hopkins University research suggests that going about ordinary tasks in lower light forces the brain to strengthen and fine-tune connections in the part of the brain that processes sound, reducing tinnitus at the same time.

    Forever Relief

    Cheeseburger lovers, rejoice! The taurine in beef and cheese feeds nerve cells. This helps your brain convert sound waves properly instead of the jangled signaling that tinnitus triggers. Proof: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine research suggests boosting taurine levels eliminates ringing entirely in three weeks. Or take 1,000 mg. of taurine daily. Try: Life Extension Taurine (Buy at, $9.75)

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