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    A little over a year ago, I would have told you I wasn’t a bike person. I hadn’t been on one since elementary school, and had started to doubt the old adage that says you never forget how to ride a bike. Fast-forward to today, and I’ve become a biking enthusiast — and something of an expert on the best electric bikes for women. How did this happen? Keep reading for the lowdown on how a nervous mom in her mid-40s rediscovered her love of biking, plus answers to all your biggest e-bike questions. Or keep scrolling to shop our picks for the best e-bikes for women! We’ve rounded up 14 great options, and one of them is sure to be perfect for you.

    The Best Electric Bikes for Women in 2021

    • Best overall electric bike for women : Comfort Electric Bike
    • Best powerful electric bike for women : EVRYjourney 7-Speed Electric Hybrid Bicycle
    • Best electric bike for short women : Premiere Edition Bluejay Electric Bike
    • Best electric commuter bike for women : RadCity Step-Thru 3
    • Best lightweight electric bike for women : City Electric Bike
    • Best electric cargo bike for women : The Original Electric Cargo Bike
    • Best affordable electric cargo bike for women : RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike
    • Best electric utility bike for women : RadRunner 1
    • Best affordable electric bike for women : RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike
    • Best Ancheer electric bike for women : Ancheer 26″ Electric City Bike
    • Best foldable electric bike for women : Vivi Folding Electric Bicycle
    • Best budget electric bike for women : Nakto 26″ 6-Speed Electric Bicycle
    • Cheapest electric bike for women : Nakto Cruiser

    As a longtime city-dweller and dedicated pedestrian, I’ve often watched people on bikes fly past me and wondered, wouldn’t it be better — not to mention, more efficient — if I, too, could zip around town without consulting bus schedules or wearing out my sneakers? But, not having ridden a bike in decades, I resisted. Then Covid happened, and suddenly public transportation seemed even less appealing, as did riding in taxis or Ubers. So, I bit the bullet and bought a bike, taking advantage of streets that were far quieter than usual to learn the rules of the road and get comfortable riding.

    Still, it wasn’t until the people from Charge Bikes sent me an e-bike to test out — specifically, the Comfort Electric Bike ($1,699) that I really fell in love with biking. Where once I had struggled to get going again after braking at an intersection, now I simply nudged the throttle button with my thumb, and off I went! The farmer’s market I’d avoided because it was at the top of a steep hill was now easily accessible, as I sped past more seasoned cyclists without breaking a sweat. I could ride for miles without even elevating my heart rate, which, although not great for burning calories, was empowering and efficient.

    When it came time to return the bike, I started to research electric bike reviews obsessively, searching for the best electric bikes for women, the fastest electric bike, the most lightweight electric bike, the most powerful electric bike, the most affordable electric bike — in short, the best e-bike to buy for myself, now that I was hooked. Keep reading to find out what I learned.

    What is the best electric bike for adults?

    There are so many different types of electric bikes out there — cargo e-bikes, folding e-bikes, commuter e-bikes, city e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, and more — that there’s no one right answer to this question. What is the best e-bike for you? That depends on what you’re going to use your e-bike for, your comfort level with cycling, and your own personal preference.

    Some questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you shop are:

    • What will I want to bring with me when I’m biking?
    • Will I want to carry passengers on my bike?
    • Will I need to carry my bike up and down stairs?
    • How many miles will I be travelling on a typical bike trip?
    • Am I counting on my e-bike to take me to work or other essential activities, or is it just for recreation?

    If you want to be able to transport groceries, toddlers, or other heavy items, an electric cargo bike might be the best bet for you. However, if you’ll just have a small tote bag or purse to bring along, a bike basket might be all you need. You can get a cute wicker basket to attach to the front of your bike, a larger box to put on the back if you have a rear bike rack, or saddle bags to hold your gear. Or just strap on a backpack and don’t worry about carrying anything on your bike except yourself!

    If you’ll be lugging your electric bike up stairs, look for the best lightweight electric bike that will meet your needs. What is the lightest women’s electric bike? The City Electric Bike from Charge Bikes ($1,699) is a mere 45 pounds. We also like the RadMission Metro from Rad Power Bikes ($1,099), which weighs in at 47.5 pounds for the mid-step version, and 48 pounds for the high-step model.

    An e-bike that you plan to use for your everyday commute should be reliable, powerful, and sturdy — and is worth spending more on than a bike you’ll use occasionally for casual outings. Consider the EVRYjourney from Sixthreezero ($2,000), which has a 500-watt motor, or the RadCity Step-Thru 3 from Rad Power Bikes ($1,599), an even more powerful pick at 750 watts.

    What is the best electric bike for the money?

    Again, this depends what you need your e-bike for. If you’re looking to buy a high quality electric bike that will serve you well for everyday rides, is easy to assemble, and has great customer service, we think you can’t go wrong with the Charge Comfort ($1,699). If you want a lightweight, foldable e-bike for less than a thousand dollars, try the Vivi Folding Electric Bicycle (starting at $680). If your budget is a little higher and you want a pink electric bike (because who wouldn’t want a pink bicycle?), splash out and go for the Bluejay electric bike ($2,995), which also comes in a rainbow of other gorgeous hues.

    How do I choose a good electric bike?

    Besides asking yourself the questions above, you’ll want to take note of a few important things when shopping for the best electric bikes for women.

    • How much does shipping cost? Can you order the bike and have it shipped to a dealer who will assemble it for you, or will you have it shipped to your home?
    • What assembly is required? Can you do it yourself, or will you need to bring it to a bike shop for expert help?
    • What’s the horsepower of the bike you’re considering? Typically, e-bike wattage ranges from 250W to 900W. What is the most powerful electric bike? The higher the wattage, the more powerful the electric bike will be — and e-bikes with more horsepower will be able to accelerate more quickly, carry more weight, and conquer hills more easily.
    • How many miles can you ride on a fully charged battery, before you need to plug it in again and power up?
    • Does the bike come with any extras, such as headlights and taillights, a bell or horn, or optional accessories?
    • How many reviews does the e-bike have? Do any of them mention what the customer service is like, in case you run into a problem?
    • Does the e-bike come with a warranty? How long does it last, and what does it cover?

    We answered many of these questions below, to give you a head start on choosing the best e-bike for you from all the best electric bikes for women. Once you’ve considered all these factors, you can rest assured you’ve done your homework and are likely to be happy with your purchase! Nervous about choosing the wrong e-bike? Buy your e-bike from a company with great customer service and they’ll work with you to resolve any issues — read customer reviews to find out about people’s experiences in this area. Also, many manufacturers offer free returns within a certain window, in the event that you’re not satisfied with your ride.

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    What are the best electric bikes for women in 2021?

    Comfort Electric Bike

    Best overall electric bike for women

    charge comfort ebike best electric bikes for women
    Charge Bikes

    Buy from Charge Bikes, $1,699

    Why we like it:

    • Low-step frame for ease of hopping on and off
    • Easy and intuitive to ride
    • Comes in white, red, black, or turquoise

    This is the bike I test rode and the one that converted me to the e-bike life. The Comfort Electric Bike, which is from the makers of Cannondale and Schwinn bikes, is a good looking, solidly built cruiser bike. Be prepared to answer questions if you ride this one around town, because it’s definitely an attention-getter! The very first time I rode it, someone stopped me to ask what kind of bike it was, and when I lent it to a friend to try, he had the same experience. But it doesn’t just look great — it’s a great ride, too.

    The Comfort offers free shipping to your door, but you’ll need to put it together yourself. It took me a solid half-hour to assemble, not the 10 minutes they say, and I ended up taking it to my local bike shop for help with the seat adjustment. But before long, I was ready to roll. Here’s what I loved: A low-step frame makes it easy to hop on and off, a comfy seat saves your rear end on long rides, the cushioned handlebars are easy to grip, and the throttle is super-simple to use. You can pedal as much or as little as you want. You just choose the level of electric assistance you prefer on the built-in control panel, and give the thumb throttle button a nudge if you need a little more oomph to get up an incline. Word of warning: You’ll want to make sure the battery is fully charged if you’re going to tackle some hills, as the thumb throttle seemed to stop working when the battery fell below 50 percent. The control panel has a speedometer, so you can see how fast you’re going — the Comfort can get up to about 20 mph, so not super-speedy, but definitely faster than I can go on my own steam.

    I did have some trouble removing the battery — it was sticky and didn’t slide smoothly in and out like it does in this video. In fact, I wasn’t able to take it out at all. The customer service team assured me that they’d not heard of this problem before, and offered to arrange to have it fixed at a local dealership, or send me a replacement. I ended up just leaving the battery in the bike, rather than taking it out to charge, but if I were planning on keeping the Comfort, I’d definitely want to get that fixed. I also didn’t love the built-in horn; I prefer a classic ringing bell sound, rather than a nasally electric beep. This could easily be solved by adding your own bell of choice, however. Charge doesn’t sell any compatible boxes or baskets to accessorize your bike, but again, you can certainly buy your own if you need to haul more than a backpack — there’s a rear rack on the Comfort that’s just begging to hold your stuff.

    Overall, I had a great experience riding the Charge, and recommend it to anyone looking for the best electric bikes for women.

    Charge Comfort specs:

    • 250W motor
    • Weight: 51 pounds
    • Integrated front and rear lights
    • Puncture-resistant Goodyear tires
    • Foldable handlebars and pedals for compact storage

    Happy customer: “Ok, I LOVE this bike. First of all, it came when they said it would come. The packaging alone is freaking genius! It Literally took 10 minutes to put it together and I was out riding it soon after! I bought this bike to use as rehab after back surgery — I figured with the electric assist I can still go where I want to, but have some extra help getting home if it turns out I need it. I chose this style because of the step-through design and the upright sitting position. So comfortable. The big tires are sturdy on gravel and the shifting is the easiest and smoothest I’ve ever had on a bike. Tons of thoughtful touches make this bike the best purchase I’ve made all year.”

    buy now

    EVRYjourney 7-Speed Electric Hybrid Bicycle

    Best powerful electric bike for women

    EVRYjourney 500W 7 Speed Electric Hybrid Bicycle best electric bikes for women

    Buy from Sixthreezero, $2,000

    Why we like it:

    • Powerful 500W motor
    • Free shipping, 90-day return period and 1-year warranty
    • Comes in navy, teal, mint green, or cream (pictured) — NEW COLORS AVAILABLE NOW!

    Like the Comfort, this beauty of a bike comes in four colors, has a rear rack that houses the battery, and is sure to turn heads when you take it out for a spin. A cushioned seat and handlebar grips, low step-through frame, and an ergonomic design that lets you sit up straight make this a great choice for new or nervous bikers, as they help you feel comfortable and in control while riding. Nudging the thumb throttle is an easy way to get started from a standstill, and a speedometer and odometer on the control panel tell you how fast and far you’re going. And with a 500W motor, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney has twice the horsepower of the Comfort.

    Not having given this bike a test ride, I can’t say for sure how this difference in power feels, but with a top speed of 20mph using only the electric motor (no pedaling), and 28 mph with pedal assistance, it seems likely that it’s comparable to the Comfort. The bike has front and rear reflectors, but no integrated lights, so you’ll want to make sure to add your own if you’re riding after dark. You’ll also likely want a bell, a basket, and maybe even a cup holder and mirror — all of which Sixthreezero conveniently sells to upgrade your ride. This has a slightly higher price tag than the Charge Comfort, and personally, I might be willing to pay the extra just for the cute color options — I love the cream that looks more like a sunshiny yellow, and the mint green feels perfect for summer. UPDATE: Sixthreezero has limited quantities available of new, super-cute colors including periwinkle with pink contrasting stripes, caramel with mauve accents, and more. Check out the new EVRYjourney models before they sell out!

    EVRYjourney specs:

    • 500W motor
    • Weight: 62 pounds
    • 26-inch wheels
    • One size fits riders from 5′ to 6’4″

    Happy customer: “I have the EvryJourney and it’s the most comfortable bike I have ever owned – the seat is wide, comfy, and you hardly feel anything going over bumps and rocks. It’s also extremely fun to ride. It actually reminds me of my youth – being excited about going for a bike ride. Highly recommend if you are looking for an easy to ride, comfy bike to go crusing on.”

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    Premiere Edition Bluejay Electric Bike

    Best electric bike for short women

    pink electric bike with basket
    Bluejay Electric Bikes

    Buy from Bluejay Electric Bikes, $2,995

    Why we like it:

    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • Free shipping and assembly
    • Comes in 5 gorgeous colors — including pink!

    Let’s say it right up front — the Bluejay is the priciest option on our list. I think, though, that you’ll agree that it’s also the most breathtakingly beautiful — and in my book, that alone makes it one of the best electric bikes for women. I’m not even sure how I’d manage to choose between the blush pink and the “Bluejay blue” — and it also comes in mint green, white, and black and tan. Aesthetics aside, this e-bike is loaded with all the features you’d want: a 350W motor, integrated front and rear lights, a vintage bicycle bell, a rear rack that holds up to 55 pounds and is compatible with a child seat, a “comfort saddle” and ergonomic handlebar grips, and hydraulic disc brakes that will let you stop quickly and smoothly. A control panel shows your speed, battery life, and mileage.

    The Bluejay comes in two sizes, one for riders 5’5″ and shorter, and one for people 5’6″ and taller — so if you’re looking for the best electric bike for petite women, this is the one you want. The company also sells an selection of carefully curated accessories, including color-matching front racks, a child seat, and even a stylish helmet. Throw in free shipping and assembly at a local dealer(!), a 30-day return window in case you don’t love it, and a two-year warranty, and I’m guessing this bike will be a bestseller this summer. Pre-order yours now; it ships in late June.

    Bluejay specs:

    • 350W motor
    • Weight: 49.5 pounds
    • Integrated headlight and taillight
    • Available in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit

    Happy customer: “I have never been so obsessed with being outside until I got my hands on a Bluejay Bike! The presentation is so beautiful and vintage looking. I get questions all the time about where I got my bike and how they want a bike that looks exactly like mine! I always tell them that they have to check out Bluejay bicycles and they will not be disappointed. Riding the bike is a wonderful experience too! I have a bike seat for my daughter and we enjoy the smoothness and speed we get out of our rides. I love the fact that I can ride it like a regular bicycle when I want, and then use the battery for some ‘action.’ I feel so safe with all the safety features like the lights and the locks. I also got the basket and it has come in handy so many times. It allows me to bike to the farmers market and not have to worry about where I can place my purchases. My daughter and I are truly obsessed!”

    buy now

    RadCity Step-Thru 3

    Best electric commuter bike for women

    radcity stepthru best electric bikes for women
    Rad Power Bikes

    Buy from Rad Power Bikes, $1,599

    Why we like it:

    • Low-step frame for easy on-and-off
    • Powerful motor
    • Comes in black or white

    Looking for a bike that will reliably take you to work and back, or let you run errands in a jiffy on the weekend? The RadCity Step-Thru 3 has you covered. A cruiser-style e-bike with a super low-step design, it’s a snap to hop on and off of, and has a powerful 750-watt motor that will get you up any hill in your path. With nearly 2,000 rave reviews from riders, this bike is a great choice — and a dedicated customer service team can help you with any questions or issues that arise. You’ll get free shipping with your purchase, and can opt for professional assembly and accessory installation for an additional fee of $199-$249, depending where you live. Trick out your bike with a basket for the rear rack, a child seat, and a front rack, and you’ll be ready for anything! All Rad Power Bikes come with a free 14-day trial and a limited one-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects. If you’re looking for one of the best electric bikes for women, you can’t go wrong here.

    Step-Thru 3 specs:

    • 750W motor
    • 65 pounds
    • Puncture-resistant tires
    • Integrated front and rear lights

    Happy customer: “I love love love my bike. It’s perfect for my needs. I’m a chubby middle-aged gal and I’m peddling without assist much more than I’m using assist. I put a few accessories on it and personalized with flowers. Put a milk crate on the back so my dog can ride with me. My daughter wants to borrow it all the time … guess it’s time to buy her one. All I can say is do it! Buy one ASAP.”

    buy now

    City Electric Bike

    Best lightweight electric bike for women

    charge city ebike best electric bikes for women
    Charge Bikes

    Buy from Charge Bikes, $1,699

    Why we like it:

    • Affordable and lightweight
    • Available in standard or low-step frame
    • Comes in four colors

    When it comes to bikes, lighter usually means more expensive — but this lightweight electric bike is the exception to the rule. Although it’s the lightest e-bike on our list, it’s not the most expensive, or even the second-most expensive. The City has a lot in common with the Comfort that I test-rode, including puncture-resistant Goodyear tires, built-in head and tail lights, and a thumb throttle for pedal assist. The pedals fold up and the handles fold sideways for compact storage, and there’s a rear rack to hold your gear. The battery is housed not on the back of the bike, as it is on the Comfort, but on the middle bar, and you can choose either a standard-height cross bar, or a low-step model that’s easier to get on and off of. With the same 250-watt motor as the Comfort, you’ll still be able to max out at 20 mph, which is plenty fast for commuting, running errands, or just taking a ride in the sunshine to enjoy the day. If you are looking for a lightweight bike, this is definitely one of the best electric bikes for women you can buy.

    City specs:

    • 250W motor
    • 45 pounds
    • Integrated front and rear lights
    • Puncture-resistant Goodyear tires
    • Foldable handlebars and pedals for compact storage

    Happy customer: “This bike is amazing. I am 70+ year-old woman and walk and play golf regularly. I knew I wanted to work on muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, and love to be outdoors. I tried getting out with my mountain bike but could only bicycle a few miles before my legs would tire and knew I should turn around. This Charge City bike has opened a whole new world. I can bike along our paved and unpaved river trails and actually pedal for 10-15 miles easily. This bike is easier to handle than my mountain bike. It was easy for me to put together. It’s high quality, easy to operate, and just so much fun!”

    buy now

    The Original Electric Cargo Bike

    Best electric cargo bike for women

    bunch cargo ebike best electric bikes for women
    Bunch Bikes

    Buy from Bunch Bikes, $4,999

    Why we like it:

    • Arrives fully assembled
    • 2-year warranty
    • Exceptional customer service

    Do you have a crew you’d like to take along with you on your bike trips, or do you need to haul some serious quantities of stuff? This Bunch bike lets you easily transport kids, dogs, musical instruments, groceries, and anything else you can fit into its three-foot long, 300-pound capacity cargo box. Oh, and there’s a rear rack, too! It’s a good thing there’s a 500-watt motor on this bike, otherwise it’s hard to imagine anyone would be able to pedal it when it’s fully loaded down. Not to worry though, because with a flick of the thumb throttle, you’ll be speeding along for up to 35 miles on a fully charged battery, conquering hills and not even breaking a sweat.

    I love the little extras on this bike, such as a USB charging port on the control panel, so you can plug your phone in while you ride. Integrated lights, comfy handlebar grips, and locking benches with four built-in seatbelts are just a few of the features you’ll love, and there are plenty of accessories available to add on, such as a phone holder and a dog bed! Who needs a car? This is one of the best electric bikes for women who want to avoid driving whenever possible.

    Shipping for the Bunch cargo bike is $99, but it does come fully assembled. And, if you order $250 or more worth of accessories, it’s free!

    Bunch specs:

    • 500W motor
    • 152 pounds
    • Built-in headlight and taillight

    Happy customer: “My Bunch bike is the best present I have ever gotten! It has given me the gift of being able to take all three of my grandkids biking with me, taking our picnics on the road, singing at the top of our lungs, and laughing the whole way. The electric option has enabled me, even with a bad knee, to effortlessly cruise around town, up hills and down, biking many miles. I love this bike!!!”

    buy now

    RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike

    Best affordable electric cargo bike for women

    radwagon cargo bike best electric bikes for women
    Rad Power Bikes

    Buy from Rad Power Bikes, $1,899

    Why we like it:

    • Large rear rack
    • Small, wide tires give a low center of gravity
    • Available in white, black, or orange

    If you’re looking for a cargo bike that’s a little smaller (and a lot more affordable) than the Bunch bike, the RadWagon 4 might be just what you need. With a roomy rear rack that can hold up to 120 pounds, you’ll be able to outfit your bike with bags, baskets, platforms, or child seats. You can even fit two kids on the back, with or without child seats! Small, wide tires keep you close to the ground, so you feel secure while zipping along, and a 750-watt motor offers plenty of power. Reflective stripes on the tires and a built-in brake light are safety features you’ll appreciate, and adjustable handlebars and a telescoping seat post ensure a comfortable fit while riding. All Rad Power Bikes come with a free 14-day trial and a limited one-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects.

    RadWagon 4 specs:

    • 750W motor
    • 76.7 pounds
    • Integrated brake light

    Happy customer: “I’m turning 65 and retiring next month. I bought the rad wagon as a gift to myself. I absolutely love it! I had a knee replacement two years ago and the pedal assist is fantastic. I feel like I can actually keep up with my nine grandkids now, and in style.”

    buy now

    RadRunner 1

    Best electric utility bike for women

    radrunner electric bike best electric bikes for women
    Rad Power Bikes

    Buy from Rad Power Bikes, $1,299

    Why we like it:

    • Accommodates two adult passengers
    • Highly customizable
    • Comes in black or forest green

    The RadRunner is like a cross between a motorcycle and a bicycle, in that you can have a friend on the back — and not a child, but a full-grown adult! Want a comfy ride for two? Just add on the passenger package for $99. It includes a padded seat, foot pegs, and a clear protective skirt so no toes will get tangled in the spokes. The driver’s seat is adjustable, so you can make it flush with the passenger seat or set it up higher, allowing your legs to stretch out while pedaling. Add a center console and a front rack to hold your gear, and you’re in business! Free shipping and a free 14-day trial sweeten the deal, as well as knowing you’ll have access to Rad Power Bikes’ well-regarded support team seven days a week. And all Rad Power Bikes come with a limited one-year warranty, so you’re covered in case of any manufacturing defects.

    RadRunner specs:

    • 750W motor
    • 65 pounds
    • 300 pound payload capacity

    Happy customer: “Love the bike. It’s a great size and value. It feels really sturdy and safe, even when riding someone on the back.”

    buy now

    RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike

    Best affordable electric bike for women

    radmission best electric bikes for women
    Rad Power Bikes

    Buy from Rad Power Bikes, $1,099

    Why we like it:

    • Most affordable choice from this brand
    • Single speed
    • Comes in 4 colors

    For a more traditional-feeling ride, check out this single-speed, super-affordable bike from Rad Power Bikes. There’s no rear rack, and it’s not a cruiser, so you won’t be sitting up as straight as some of the other choices on this list. But if you’re already comfortable on a bike and just need some extra “oomph” from the battery, then this relatively lightweight, sleek-looking bike will do the trick. You’ll need to add extras if you want them, such as a kickstand and fenders, but it does come with a built-in brake light. All Rad Power Bikes come with a free 14-day trial and a limited one-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects, making them some of the best electric bikes for women you can find.

    RadMission specs:

    • 500W motor
    • Mid-Step is 47.5 pounds, High-Step is 48 lbs

    Happy customer: “I can hardly wait to ride it every day. I live in an area with lots of country roads and vineyards. I can usually only go 38 to 40 miles a day due to the time I have. I have always used a road bike, but this bike lets me go on roads with hills we refer to as ‘the wall.’ Totally opened up new areas to explore. Can’t tell enough people about my bike. So worth investing in to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle at the age of 62. Ride on Rad!!”

    buy now

    Ancheer 26″ Electric City Bike

    Best Ancheer electric bike for women

    Ancheer electric bike best electric bikes for women

    Buy from Amazon, starting at $920

    Why we like it:

    • Low step-through frame
    • Integrated headlight
    • Comes in white or black

    Prefer to order one of the best electric bikes for women from Amazon? You’ll have plenty to choose from! A word of warning, however: Some people report customer service issues, and you don’t always know for sure where your bike is coming from. Even in researching this story, links sometimes changed from one product to a different one, and prices and colors tended to vary depending on the day. So, buyer beware! This Ancheer bike, though, has 4.5 stars overall with over 250 ratings, and plenty of five-star reviews. It looks similar to the Charge Comfort, with a low step-through frame, the battery housed under the rear rack, and a sturdy frame and fenders. Also like the Comfort, there’s a 250-watt motor, built-in headlight and taillight, and a thumb throttle. If you’re set on ordering from Amazon and this is in your budget, go for it! (Note that Sixthreezero also sells their bikes through Amazon!)

    Ancheer stats:

    • 250W motor
    • 59 pounds
    • Front and rear disc brakes
    • Built-in lights

    Happy customer: “After initially purchasing a different Ancheer bike for my wife, I quickly realized it wasn’t going to work and she would need a step-thru e-bike due to her height. … I settled on Ancheer’s City Bike. … After quick assembly I quickly realized this frame style was going to work much better for her height. Pros: Very stylish, easy assembly, step-thru frame, awesome adjustable handlebar stem height and angle, ‘hidden’ backrack battery, pedal assist and throttle options, front suspension, front and rear lights, electronic horn, comfortable ride, excellent speed and range. Looks like a typical cruiser, not an e-bike. Cons: 6-speed transmission doesn’t really keep up with the 3rd-level e-bike pedal assist speed. It feels a little awkward needing your cadence well over 100 just to keep up with the pedal assist. Not a critical issue. GREAT bike, very impressed so far.”

    buy now

    Vivi Folding Electric Bicycle

    Best foldable electric bike for women

    vivi folding ebike best electric bikes for women

    Buy from Amazon, from $620

    Why we like it:

    • Compact for easy storage
    • Choose from 14-, 16-, or 20-inch
    • Powerful motor

    This electric bike doesn’t just have a small price tag — it actually folds up small when you’re not using it. If you’re not sure where you’d keep a bike (or another bike), then a folding bicycle will be your new best friend. With a 350-watt motor, you’ll be able to speed along at 20 mph without even pedaling, or rev up to 35 mph in pedal assist mode. Dual disc brakes let you stop quickly, and a built-in LED headlamp helps keep you safe after dark. The small tires keep you low to the ground, which can feel safer for novice riders, and is nice for more petite women. An electric horn and bell come in handy when riding in traffic, or when a stray pedestrian wanders into the bike path. This bike comes 90 percent assembled, and there are videos online to help you finish putting it together, as well as a 24-hour customer service line. A one-year warranty will ensure you’re protected if anything goes wrong with your Vivi folding e-bike. This might be the best electric bike under $1,000 — not an easy feat!

    Vivi specs:

    • 350W motor
    • 14-inch bike is 46 pounds, 16- and 20-inch bikes are 57 pounds each
    • Built-in headlamp

    Happy customer: “I bought this bike to ride with my two sons. We live in very hilly neighborhood and I haven’t ridden a bike in years because of the steep hills. The bike was packaged very well (lots of protection in the box). Everything needed to put it together was in the box. Once it arrived, my young sons helped me put it together. It was much easier to assemble and took way less time than I expected. I bought this particular model because of the option to use it with just the throttle. Once we got it together I charged the battery, and we immediately began riding. It is actually much nicer and way more fun than I expected. The quality of everything was surprisingly good. The assist controls are easy to set (even while you are riding) and the bike just works amazing! The only warning I will give is that it is so much fun you just might end up with several of them (my whole family wants one now). If you are considering any type of e-bike you will definitely not go wrong with this model.”

    buy now

    Nakto 26″ 6-Speed Electric Bicycle

    Best budget electric bike for women

    nakto electric bike for women best electric bikes for women

    Buy from Amazon, $699

    Why we like it:

    • Very affordable
    • Cute wicker basket included

    Another Amazon pick for the best electric bikes for women, this Nakto bike has mixed reviews. While some buyers loved it, others had problems with the battery life. It’s a heavy bike, so probably not the best choice for apartment living (read: lugging up and down stairs), but if you want to try out one of the best electric bikes for women without spending too much money and don’t plan to depend on it for everyday commuting or errands, this is definitely worth a try! It may not be the fastest electric bike, or the best electric bike in the world, but it’s under $1,000, so if you’re on a budget, it might be a good option for you!

    Nakto specs:

    • 250W motor
    • 70 pounds

    Happy customer: “I’m a 73 year old grandmother and was able to assemble the bike myself, thanks for the great YouTube video. Bike is very heavy — I was surprised. New to gears, but will learn. Still not sure about peddle assist. I love the throttle. Thought it was a little too tall for me, but I seem to have adjusted to that as well. Bike is well made and well worth my money.”

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    Nakto Cruiser

    Cheapest electric bike for women

    nakto cruiser e-bike

    Buy from Amazon, starting at $600

    Why we like it:

    • Super affordable

    I’ll be honest — I hesitated to include this Nakto cruiser e-bike on this list of best electric bikes for women, due to a lack of positive reviews. However, at just $630, it’s definitely the cheapest electric bike for women you’re going to find out there, and a few customers do seem to be pleased with this purchase! At first glance, it has many of the features you’d want, such as a low-step frame, a comfy seat, and a rear rack. The steel frame is heavy, and the 250-watt motor isn’t the most powerful out there, but if you’re looking for a bargain, this could be worth the gamble. Note that shipping is an additional $60, and the customer service does not seem to be stellar. If you can spend a little more, the Charge Comfort is a similar bike with better customer service and almost certainly higher-quality construction. It might be worth saving up to get one of the best electric bikes for women!

    Nakto cruiser specs:

    • 250W motor
    • 60 pounds

    Happy customer: “I love this bike, very easy to assemble and it works great! Could go a little faster but it gets me to work and back just fine.”

    buy now

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