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    If you or someone you love has limited mobility, a power lift recliner can be a game-changer. Contrary to popular belief, these chairs aren’t just for seniors — although power lift recliners for elderly folks are also wonderful! They’re for anyone who has difficulty sitting down and getting back up again, whether it’s due to an accident, operation, illness, or anything else. Apart from being a comfortable addition to any home, the best power lift recliners are adaptable, versatile, and extremely user-friendly.

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    What is a power lift recliner?

    A power lift recliner is an armchair that lifts and slants to help the user get in and out of a seated position. They also recline backwards into a lying-down position for relaxing or sleeping. Needless to say, these nifty chairs have become increasingly popular among people with limited mobility. Some models (like the U-Max Wall Hugger) even come with heat and massage features, for the ultimate in luxury!

    Does Medicare cover the cost of power lift recliners?

    Believe it or not, it’s possible to get part of the cost of a power lift reclining chair covered by Medicare. If you have a note from your doctor that says a seat like this is medically necessary, Medicare may help to cover the costs of the lifting mechanism under what’s known as durable medical equipment (DME). Be sure to discuss your options with your Medicare representative and your doctor to ensure eligibility.

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    We’ve done our research to find the best power lift recliners for you to choose from. Keep scrolling for Woman’s World’s picks for the best power lift recliners!

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    What are the best power lift recliners?

    Ernestine Power Lift Recliner


    Ashley best power lift recliners
    Ashley Furniture
    Great deal!

    Buy from Ashley Furniture, $749.99 (originally $1,999.99)

    Why we like it:

    • Has a dual motor
    • One-touch remote control
    • Attached back and seat cushions

    Fall into a deep, comfortable sleep with this cushiony power lift recliner! Do you toss and turn trying to find the right angle to doze off? This chair features a dual motor system, which allows you to adjust the back and footrest independently, helping you find your perfect position with ease. The back and seat cushions are attached, so they won’t scoot around — making this recliner perfect for lounging and snoozing. A one-touch remote control makes it simple to operate, and you can choose from two colors to coordinate with your décor.

    Happy customer: I had not intended on getting a power recliner. However, when I sat in this one and tried it out, it was perfect for me! The power settings allows me to adjust the chair to many different and comfortable positions.”

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    Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

    Best selling POwer lift recliner

    power lift recliner
    Ashley Furniture

    Buy from Ashley Furniture, $999.99

    Why we like it:

    • Great customer reviews
    • Comes in black or brown faux leather

    Made with dual-motor construction, this power lift recliner from Ashley Furniture is the king of personalized comfort. It allows for individual control over the headrest and footrest, so you’ll be able to find the perfect angle with the touch of a button. This upholstered wonder, which comes in both a gorgeous saddle brown and black poly-fiber that resembles leather, also comes complete with an attached remote control, high-resiliency foam for plush, comfortable seating, and a battery back-up for use even in the case of a blackout. 

    Happy customer: “I bought this for my husband when he had to have a hip replacement … it has been the best piece of furniture in our house. It works smoothly and the material is very handsome and sturdy. I am sure he would recommend it for anyone facing problems getting in and out of a chair!”

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    Markridge Power Lift Recliner

    Best polyester power lift recliner

    Ashley Furniture best power lift recliners
    Ashley Furniture

    Buy from Ashley Furniture, $799.99 (originally $949.99)

    Why we like it:

    • Super soft upholstery
    • Side pocket for storage
    • Comes in 2 colors

    Sink into the Markridge Power Lift Recliner from Ashley Furniture next time you want to catch a catnap. You can customize the angle of the back and footrest to your specifications, while the soft, easy-care polyester fabric lets you snuggle in and rest comfortably. A convenient side pocket stores your belongings — including the chair’s easy-to-operate remote control, which will come in handy when you’re ready to get up!

    Happy customer: I will be having shoulder surgery and purchased this chair for sleeping and the recovery days. I am very petite, and this chair fits me perfectly.

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    U-Max Wall Hugger Leather Recliner

    best power lift recliner for small spaces

    great deal!

    Buy from Amazon, $389.99 (originally $409.99)

    Why we like it:

    • Doesn’t require much clearance to recline
    • Built-in heat and massage functions

    The U-MAX Wall Hugger is great for those who are worried about not having enough space in their home for a reclining armchair. Its “wall-hugger” feature means that it needs only 10 inches of clearance between the wall and the chair in order to recline or lift. It lifts the user up smoothly and safely and features extra-thick sponge padding at the back, head, and armrests for ultimate comfort. It also has a built-in remote control to operate its functions,  two back wheels, which make for easy maneuvering, two cup holders, and four storage pockets for snacks, TV remotes, books, magazines, and other essentials. The best part? There’s a heating and vibrating massage function with a timer for the ultimate relaxing experience. 

    Happy customer: “This chair has been working smoothly, quietly, and efficiently for over a year and a half. The mechanism is totally quiet, no squeaks, growls, or problems. And, now that the weather is cool, the heat feature is great!”

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    Red Barrel Studio Flanigan Power Lift Assist Recliner

    best faux leather power lift recliner

    power lift recliner

    Buy from Wayfair, $929.99 (originally $1,425)

    Why we like it:

    • Stylish faux leather
    • Generous padding

    Prefer lounging on buttery-soft leather recliners? The Flanigan power lift assist recliner from Red Barrel Studio is the recliner for you. Made with traditionally-styled, lightly-distressed faux leather, this recliner features two reclining motors for separate foot and back positioning and generous padding for exceptional support. 

    Happy customer: “We bought this for our 90-year-old dad who was having trouble getting out of this chair. He loves it and says it is very comfortable. Just what we wanted!”

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    Irene House Power Lift Recliner

    best chenille power lift recliner

    power lift recliner

    Buy from Amazon, $689.90

    Why we like it:

    • Super-soft chenille fabric, choice of blue, red, brown, or dark gray
    • Lumbar pillow included

    For a power lift recliner you can sink into to let the worries of the day melt away, it doesn’t get much better than this Irene House chenille power lift recliner. Upholstered in a textured, soft chenille fabric that still looks chic, it features a dual power-lift mechanism that’s a necessity for those with limited mobility. An included lumbar support pillow, plus a pocket for your remote, are extra touches you’ll appreciate!

    Happy customer: “Bought this chair for my grandma whose mobility is significantly decreased and who is in poor health. She sits in the chair all day and does her puzzles, lift to standing position is perfect and requires very little, if any, effort on her part. She sleeps in the chair as well, and had in her previous motorized recliner for many years. She said this chair is much more comfortable. She has a relatively small frame and her old chair “swallowed her up.” Very simple to use, two button operation, and stops at any point in the operation, allowing for maximum comfort. Free shipping to the door was a major plus. VERY satisfied with this purchase.”

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    Giantex Power Lift Recliner

    best power lift recliner for heavy people

    Giantex best power lift recliner

    Buy from Amazon, $349.99

    Why we like it:

    • Weight capacity up to 300 pounds
    • Crafted with high-density sponge for maximum support

    As far as cost-effective power lift recliners go, you can’t go wrong with the Giantex power lift chair. This electric power lifter is made with high-quality materials and is filled with a high-density sponge. It operates via a built-in remote, which features two easy-to-use buttons. The lifting and reclining mechanism is smooth, quiet, and safe, and it can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. 

    Happy customer: “Loved the size. Even though I appear large I find a wider chair very uncomfortable with little back support. This keeps me upright and stress less. I also like the upright lift, it makes it easy to transfer into wheelchair… This is just right for a shorter person needing lift and the ability to work all day from this chair. Just right!”

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    Talladega Power Rocking Recliner

    Best power lift recliner rocker

    la-z-boy leather power rocker recliner

    Buy from La-Z-Boy, from $1,139

    Why we like it:

    • Customize it with your choice of fabric
    • Built-in USB charging port

    When shopping for a power lift recliner, chances are that La-Z-Boy is going to be one of your first stops. The brand is well-known for its comfortable and supportive chairs, and this Talladega Power Rocking Recliner is at the top of the heap. Featuring easy-to-operate independent leg and back reclining controls, a conveniently built-in USB for charging tablets and phones, and rocking motion, this is one of the best recliners around. Add in its plush cushioning, padded arms, and tall back for total head and neck support, and it’s clear why there’s no recliner like a La-Z-Boy recliner. 

    Happy customer: “We love it — sooo comfortable. The leather is absolutely gorgeous. I’m glad I bought it.”

    buy now

    Esright Power Lift Microfiber Electric Recliner Chair

    best comfortable power lift recliner

    Esright best power lift recliners

    Buy from Amazon, $405.99

    Why we like it:

    • Pillow-soft upholstery
    • USB charging port

    The Esright Power Lift recliner chair, provides comfort for the fraction of the price — they know how to get a recliner right! Wrapped in a pillow-soft microfiber blend and featuring a plush chaise seating pad, this lift chair is a must-have for any home. It offers up just the right balance of comfort and support, and it includes a heated massage option to help soothe muscles after a long day. 

    Happy customer: “All I have to say is that I am happy with my purchase. This chair is amazing! I got it for my post-op tummy tuck to assist me with lifting. It did that and also kept me very comfortable. Kept me elevated the way I needed to be in my recovery. I didn’t want to rent and rather invest a comfortable chair like this. It massages me and it releases heat too! I feel so spoiled with this chair. The extra perk was the charger for my phone too!!”

    buy now

    Red Barrel Studio Fitzmaurice Power Lift Assist Recliner

    best quiet power lift recliner

    Red Barrel Studio best power lift recliners

    Buy from Wayfair, $819.99 (originally $1, 425)

    Why we like it:

    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • Supportive seat cushion

    This model is a fan favorite at Wayfair with over 800 reviews. Featuring a generously-stuffed seam back with a soft, supportive seat, this tasteful recliner makes a lovely addition to any home’s décor. Better yet, it’s equipped with whisper-quiet lift and reclining capabilities, a remote control, and added recline for comfort in deep sleep. 

    Happy customer: “If I didn’t see it move I would say it didn’t work it is that quiet.”

    buy now

    Artimon Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner

    best affordable power lift recliner

    Artimon Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner

    Buy from Wayfair, $519.99 (originally $659.99)

    Why we like it:

    • Available in 2 shades of blue and a neutral gray
    • Has massage and heat functions

    The comfortable and stylish recliner from Wayfair may look like your run-of-the-mill armchair that anyone would want to lounge in, but it’s got lifting and reclining features that set it apart from the pack. Plus, it has dual side pockets for storing your electronics, all for under $550! It’s upholstered in stain, scratch, and fade-resistant linen that comes in two shades of blue or neutral gray so you can choose the hue that best fits your décor.

    Happy customer: “This is an awesome chair! The heat and massage will melt away your tension, aches, and pains. The powerful lift seat will help you stand when you are through. I highly recommend this chair!”

    buy now

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